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Trusted theologians from the Augustine Institute and publishing and education experts from Ignatius Press collaborated throughout the multi-year development of Word of Life, which has been approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The curriculum extends and enriches the content of its books with a variety of digital materials, including videos by the award-winning Augustine Institute Studios.

Rooted in salvation history, Word of Life is designed to help students, parents, teachers, and catechists learn the truths of the faith alongside each other while deepening their relationships with Christ. More than 110,000 students are already using Word of Life in hundreds of parishes and schools nationwide.

Meet the Spokespersons:


Mark Brumley

Mark Brumley is the president and CEO of Ignatius Press and a popular speaker, author, and teacher. He is the author of several works, including The Seven Deadly Sins of Apologetics, Catholic Social Teaching: 20 Answers, and A Study Guide to Jesus of Nazareth. His articles have appeared in such publications as Catholic World Report, America, National Review Online, National Catholic Register, and Catholic Answers Magazine. He is formerly the director of communications and social ministry for the Diocese of San Diego, and a speaker and writer for Catholic Answers.

Mark Brumley has served or serves on many boards, including the University of St. Thomas Houston, Adler-Aquinas Institute of Liberal Studies, the Augustine Institute, the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology in Berkeley, Kolbe Academy Homeschool, the Napa Institute, and Trinity Grammar and Prep. He holds a master’s degree in theological studies from the University of Dallas and a bachelor’s degree in education-history from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. A former Catholic school teacher, Mark lives in Napa with his wife Debbie. In 2005, Mark received the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Award from the Vatican.


Ben Akers

Dr. Ben Akers is an associate professor of theology and previously served as the assistant dean of the Augustine Institute Graduate School of Theology. He is also the chief content officer of the Augustine Institute’s FORMED.org streaming platform, which provides trustworthy and inspiring Catholic video, audio, and ebook content from the Augustine Institute, Ignatius Press, and more than one hundred other partners.

Previously, Dr. Akers served as the director of the Denver Catholic Biblical and Catechetical Schools and was an adjunct for St. John Vianney Theological Seminary. His experience living and studying in the heart of the Catholic Church in Rome inspired him to teach theology in a way that integrates history, art, literature, and spirituality.


Suggested Interview Questions

  1. What is the Word of Life curriculum, and how is it different from other catechetical programs?
  2. How does the collaboration between Ignatius Press and the Augustine Institute make this program special?  
  3. Why was completing the curriculum by adding grades 6-8 a priority? 
  4. Can you talk about the process of maturing the presentation of content to complement the younger grades?
  5. Can Word of Life be used at home or in contexts outside of the traditional parish or classroom setting?
  6. How does Word of Life uniquely form teachers and parents in their faith?
  7. Word of Life is sometimes called an “evangelizing catechesis”. Can you explain what that means?
  8. Where can our audience go to learn more about Word of Life?

What People Are Saying

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Media Requests

Mark Brumley and Ben Akers are available for comment. Contact Carrie Kline at carriek@missionadvancementpartners.com for interview requests or to request a promotional Word of Life workbook.

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